Drip Irrigation System
Drip Irrigation System
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Drip Irrigation System

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There are many ways to irrigate your garden. The easiest, as well as the most time consuming, way is simply spraying your beds with your garden hose. This is a daily chore that leads to inconsistent watering patterns. The most effective way is to install a fully automated drip system that waters your beds for you. Most houses already have water valves and a sprinkler timer that waters there grass and other landscaping plants, so to install a watering system inside your garden beds is usually just a matter of tapping into that system and running new pipe to your garden beds, and then installing emitters inside the beds that will water your vegetables. Some existing systems may need an upgraded timer and additional timer wire from the new garden valves to the timer to handle the addition of another valve. Express Vegetables Gardens offers a free consultation to discuss the details of your particular system. The general pricing structure is as follows.

  • Valve Addition: $300 (1 valve covers 3 raised beds)
  • Piping to garden: $4 per lineal foot
  • Piping and emitters inside garden bed: +$300 per bed
  • Timer upgrade: $400
  • Timer wire upgrade:$4 per lineal foot (from valve location to timer location)

Homes without an existing drip system, or with a drip system too far away from the garden beds, should follow these steps to get a general idea of the price associated with adding a new garden watering system. Find the nearest water spigot or water pipe to your bed location. This is where the new garden valves will be located. To tap into this water access point a backflow preventer must be installed to prevent siphoning of water inside the gardens back into the homes water supply. After the
backflow preventer is installed a valve box in the ground is installed that will house the new garden valves. A timer is needed to control when the valves open up and allow water to run to your garden. This is installed at the nearest electrical outlet and has wires that run from the timer to the new valves. All pricing is dependent on a property-specific quote but generally the prices are as follows:

  • Install backflow preventer: $500
  • Add timer: $400
  • Add valve box: $200
  • Add valve: $300 (1 valve covers 3 garden beds)
  • Piping to garden from valve box: $4/ft
  • Wire from valves to timer: $4/ft
  • Piping and emitters inside garden bed +$300 per bed

For the serious gardener a misting system can easily be outfitted into your garden beds once you have a valve box and timer installed. It is said that a misting system around your garden bed can lower the temperature up to 20 degrees. With the addition of a shade structure and a misting system gardening in Phoenix can be a successful venture year round. The price for a misting system is as follows:

  • Add valve: $300
  • Pipe from valve to garden: $4/ft
  • Wire from valve to timer(if needed): $4/ft
  • Misters inside bed: $300/bed