The Easiest Vegetables to Grow in Arizona

Beginner gardeners can increase their success by using plant varieties that are easy to manage and by planting at the best time. Pay special attention to Arizona-specific planting calendars and be wary of the ever-strong summer heat. This information can be found at the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension which includes a Maricopa County planting calendar.

Easiest Time to Plant

Mid to late February

  • Gives your plants maximum growth before the summer sun begins to hit
  • Frosts are ending or over
  • Warm-season annual vegetables can be planted

Easiest Vegetables to Grow

  1. Radishes are the easiest vegetables to grow. They produce very quickly, are able to withstand cold or frost, take up very little space and grow well from seed. Because soil plays a major part in the size and shape of the radishes, they do very well in raised beds. The harvesting process is simple as the bulging vegetables identify themselves readily. Every part of the radish can be eaten and they make a good contribution to any salad. Vegetables that grow more quickly are easier to maintain, and these plants can be harvested in 40-60 days.
  2. Carrots sprout easily from planted seeds and quickly become visible for thinning. There are disease-resistant varieties available. They require deep soil with no clay barriers or rocks. It is easy to identify a ripe carrot from its bright color. Carrots can be harvested in 60-100 days.
  3. Green beans are a great crop for beginners, and offer the choice of pole or self-supporting bush varieties. They can thrive in many different soil types and the seeds can be planted directly without the need for transplants. The ability to dry some beans can compensate for errors during planning that result in sudden bounties.

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